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Q: How does FamiliPay reduce conflict?

A: FamiliPay is a transparent all-in-one application for payment processing and communication by co-parents that allows you to avoid conflict with the other co-parent about money, co-parenting time and other issues. Requests are sent between the co-parents for payments and confirmations of payment can be seen by both co-parents.

Q: What makes you different than other payment systems?

A: No other single application directly and specifically allows for the tracking and payment of child support, alimony and shared expenses.

Q: Why should I use FamiliPay instead of the State Disbursement Units that enforce support orders?

A: FamiliPay allows you to avoid the court bureaucracy while still allowing their enforcement mechanisms to remain in place, often satisfying the interests of both co-parents.

Q: How can I use FamiliPay to enforce our Court orders?

A: Not only can you create reports for the courts to rely on going forward, but you can use it retrospectively so that the courts can have a record to rely on.

Q: Can I use FamiliPay to pay our shared expenses unrelated to the children before we are divorced?

A: Of course, you can use it for mortgage payments, tax payments, auto insurance, medical insurance pending your divorce!

Glossary / Definitions

  • Payor – one who pays another
  • Payee – one who receives payment from a payor
  • Obligor – one who has an obligation to another
  • Obligee – one who another has an obligation to
  • Co-payor – one who shares the payment of an obligation with another