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Familipay always helps

Familipay was founded by attorneys for their clients and other attorneys or professionals, after seeing in their own practices the difficulties facing co-parents who have to communicate about parenting time and share payments for bills and problems with paying support through court or state bureaucratic systems. Co-parents may no longer be together but their obligations may still be shared for many years to come because of children, joint property or support obligations.

Better communication

FamilyPay was founded to help co-parents communicate and reduce conflict in co-parenting by having a single comprehensive application that includes an application with all-in-one features for payment processing, tracking, communication with messages and prompts, notes, document storage and parenting time calendaring.

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Flexibility in support payments

FamilyPay was founded to help co-parents avoid litigation in the future through simplified verification of payments made and to help avoid conflict over the need to make payments together, needed flexibility in support payments or communication about co-parenting time.

FamilyPay was founded to help attorneys help their clients avoid conflict or litigation in the future when it comes to sharing payments or support payments.

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Avoid bureaucracies

FamiliPay was founded to allow co-parents to avoid making support obligations through court or state systems. Child support or alimony may be paid without the necessity of garnishment or direct payment to large bureaucracies. This allows for a flexibility by the co-parents if needed or wanted, that is otherwise unavailable to them for the payment of child support or alimony. Many co-parents that are self-employed have payments issues that simply cannot be addressed by court or state bureaucracies.

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FamilyPay, making payments and communication easy for co-parents and helping to simplify family life.