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Why Choosing FamiliPay As Your Co-Parenting App Is A Great Idea

Why Choosing FamiliPay As Your Co-Parenting App Is A Great Idea

When you’re transitioning from marriage to co-parenting, you need all the help you can get with minimizing conflict to ensure this transition goes smoothly, and especially if the communication between you and your ex hasn’t been the most effective in recent times.

Emotions are running high, you and your co-parent feel huge pressure to make important decisions, you have to plan out your schedules, and you have to ensure you minimize any stress for your child, all at the same time.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already aware of the help co-parenting apps can provide — and I’d love to thank you for giving FamiliPay a chance.

It’s an all-in-one co-parenting app that stems from our years of experience with co-parents, designed to address the biggest problems they usually run into.

Let me tell you why choosing FamiliPay as your co-parenting app is a great idea.

It enables efficient communication, especially if your divorce was high-conflict

Use the FamiliPay messaging center as a communication intermediary in high-conflict relationships. FamiliPay communications initiated by either co-parent consist of messages that are reviewed by our “Spirit” app to be in the spirit of co-parenting.

And if your co-parent hasn’t paid a bill, use our communication tool to remind them. Money is often the source of conflict for co-parents so we did our best to remove the need to directly confront each other over sharing payments for bills, by using our PROMPTS..

Either co-parent can (1) invite payments, (2) confirm payments, and, (3) send PROMPTS or reminders about payments to be made. Once you invite the other co-parent to pay, they may consent to it, and the payment can be done automatically through FamiliPay.

It helps you stay on top of things by laying out your co-parenting schedule in a clear manner

Married parents have it tough trying to keep up with their children’s schedules. But with co-parenting, it becomes even more complex.

You have your business schedule, your private schedule, your child’s schedule, and then there are the numerous school events, birthday or religious holidays, all of which require planning, and coordination to ensure you stay on top of things.

With that in mind, we created our calendar application where co-parents can use templates for weekly or monthly parenting time, and templates for school and religious holidays to clearly lay out upcoming events for both to see and ensure you don’t miss anything.

It helps you simplify paying shared bills and expenses, pay child support and alimony, and avoid additional fees and wage garnishment

FamiliPay simplifies splitting payments to third parties, and enables direct pay alimony or child support so that you avoid any additional fees and wage garnishment.

Upon joining FamiliPay, you can set up your payment account and begin using our payment features that you consent to. You’ll send and receive emails and prompts with requests for shared payments to third parties, and all the receipts will be saved directly in your account.

Moreover, instead of having to pay additional fees from your wages for administrative costs your employer charges, or rely on the state bureaucratic agencies, you can pay alimony or child support directly.

If you happen to be self-employed with varying cash flow month to month, this could prove extremely useful, as it keeps the control of your payments completely in your hands.

It makes verification easy by saving all of your receipts, court orders, payments, and communications

FamiliPay saves your full payment history for verification purposes. You can see payments by vendor, or by period, including payments by week, month or year. Alternatively, you can categorize payments as you go to create your own archiving system.

Both co-parents can access the payment history which helps minimize the need for direct communication about payments and reduces conflict.

It offers a 3-month free trial

While any free trial is great, I personally think that many just end up being too short to truly experience the product and see whether it would be worth the investment.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer a 3-month free trial for all FamiliPay users. Sign up today, start using it and let it simplify your life!