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How to start using FamiliPay, the all-in-one co-parenting app

How to start using FamiliPay, the all-in-one co-parenting app

If you’re looking for the best co-parenting app, you’ve come to the right place: let me introduce you to FamiliPay, the all-in-one co-parenting app.

FamiliPay is a comprehensive payment and communication platform that addresses all modern co-parenting challenges, whether you use it solo or together with the other co-parent.

And who is FamiliPay for? For any and all co-parents -

Say you’ve just divorced your co-parent. Your settlement agreement says that you ought to pay 40% of your children’s expenses, and your co-parent the other 60%. Both you and your co-parent can join and activate automatic monthly payments to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Is your child getting braces? Use shared payments. Pay your dues and send a prompt to your co-parent. Is one of the parents a contractor whose work isn’t steady? Use FamiliPay for direct alimony or child support payments to avoid wage garnishment.

Whichever your specific situation may be, FamiliPay was developed to make your life easier.

So, how do you start using it? It’s simple, here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Start your 3-month free trial, no credit card required

Start by registering your account. Did you know that FamiliPay offers a 3-month free trial? There are no obligations, and you can cancel anytime.

After the first 3 months are up, the membership will cost you $9.9 per month.

2. What type of payments will you be using FamiliPay for?

Alimony, child support, shared payments – or all three. Select the ones you know you’ll be using FamiliPay for, and don’t worry, you can always change your selection later.

And why are we asking you this right away? Because we want to help set you up right away, in the best way possible. The less time we take from you, the more time you get to spend with your children!

select payment types example

3. Do you want to use FamiliPay for your shared co-parenting calendar?

A shared calendar has never been easier to use or manage.

Whatever your co-parenting schedule is, input it here and avoid any confusion or conflict that could arise later, especially around birthdays or holidays.

enable parenting schedule example

parenting calendar example

4. Fill in the Family profile

Add in your co-parent and you children. If you’ll be using FamiliPay together with your co-parent (which we always recommend if possible), now is the time to invite them.

Having both of you rely on one centralized tool for co-parenting means easy tracking, receiving and sending payments, clear communication, and therefore less conflict. That being said, it’s important to note here that you don’t have to invite the other co-parent. Add them as a figure, just don’t send them an invitation.

setup family profile example

5. Add a payment method for shared payments

Let’s get you up and running. Fill in your payment method so that you can start sending payments to the other co-parent, receiving payments, paying your child’s expenses, and safekeeping all transaction information in your FamiliPay payment history.

add card example

6. Schedule payments

My favorite FamiliPay feature? Without a doubt, the possibility to schedule your recurring payments. Never have to think about having to pay child support, alimony or anything else for that matter. If you pay for it on a recurring basis, schedule it right away!

schedule payment menu example

7. Safekeep everything in one centralized place

FamiliPay safekeeps all of your court documents, all of your payment transactions, receipts in one centralized place. Upload the documents, upload the receipts, and the transactions that took place on FamiliPay will be automatically saved.

Your co-parenting history will be kept right here for easy verification, whenever needed.

payment activity history example

8. Explore the dashboard and the rest of the app

The dashboard will be the first thing you see whenever you log into FamiliPay. It holds the most important information at a glance to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Apart from the dashboard, I recommend getting familiar with the other areas of FamiliPay so that you use it to its full potential. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’re ready to help!

dashboard example

Are you ready to start your 3-month free trial?